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The DFW-ABA is the local affiliation of The National Adult Baseball Association, or NABA. The NABA was founded in San Diego in 1986 by Mike Micheli as an alternative to softball. His goal was to have a nationally based league of cities playing baseball under a common set of rules; a league that was both organized and fun, but also affordable. In 1992, he expanded nationally and now has a proven method to provide baseball to adults of all ages and abilities nationwide. The NABA now has leagues across the country in over 34 states.

All NABA cities play under a common set of rules designed to organize amateur adult baseball into consistent, fairly run, and responsible adult baseball leagues. NABA baseball is family oriented, but competitive. The NABA aim is to provide adults with well-organized amateur leagues in their communities.

The DFW-ABA is organized in groups categorized by age. League age groups are the 18+, 25+, 35+, 40+, 50+, 55+ and 60+. Each age group is divided into two or more leagues when possible. These divisions are classified by experience level and competition. The advanced level (AAA) is typically for players that have college level or professional level experience. The intermediate level (AA) is generally for players with varsity high school level or some high school experience. Lastly, the DFW-ABA’s recreational (A) level is the broadest level. The levels of play are intended to remove the intimidation factor for the players while targeting those with little or no experience and whose skills are a bit rusty. Whatever the situation, the DFW-ABA is committed to providing a level of baseball that is competitive and comfortable for players of varying skills.

The DFW-ABA is a community-oriented organization that seeks to promote baseball at the grass roots level. As part of the DFW-ABA philosophy, no alcohol, drugs, or fighting are permitted at league games by participants or spectators. Many of the fields our league uses are local high school, college, or park fields that have similar mandates. All players and managers must agree to contracts attesting to their understanding of these rules and that they will abide by them. Additionally, the league requires each participant to sign a waiver indemnifying the league against liability.

Costs and Services
Each team must pay a league fee. This fee will be collected by your local league president approximately two weeks before the season starts. The team fee goes to provide players with a league t-shirt, liability insurance, fields, scheduling of games, professional quality baseballs, and a competitive level of play that is comfortable for you. Additionally, for qualifying players and teams, the league pays for and covers all costs of league All Star games, a fairly administrated playoff system and awards. Awards are given to division winners, league champions, runner ups, and the MVP’s of the All Star games.

Each team must have matching uniforms (shirts, caps), proper equipment (catcher’s gear, batting helmets, etc) and pay for umpires. These costs may be paid for by the team collectively or through team sponsorship. A refundable forfeit bond must also be posted by each team.

To offset these start-up expenses the DFW ABA can help save on sporting goods equipment by allowing you to purchase items at nationally discounted prices.

The NABA also organizes tournaments throughout the country. Several regional tournaments are held in cities such as Las Vegas, Cooperstown, Denver, San Diego and many more. In early October the NABA will hold it World Championship Tournaments in Phoenix, Arizona and Jupiter, Florida. Teams from all over the United States will compete in competitive and recreational levels of play on Major League spring training facilities to win a World Championship Ring! These tournaments are available at an additional cost.

When’s and How’s
Spring League play will begin early March and continues through August. Fall League play begins the day after Labor Day and continues through Thanksgiving.

Each season approximately 4-6 weeks before the season begins the league will hold a tryout for players needing to join a team or for managers needing players. This continually helps the league grow and allows more players to get involved. If the season has already begun you may join the player pool through our web site at www.dfw-aba.com. This will allow you the possibility to get on an existing team. It is possible to bring a team in the league or form a new team through the tryouts by contacting the league president.

Each team will have 16 scheduled games for the spring season and 10 scheduled games for the fall season. Spring season games will be nine innings with a 3 hour time limit (except double headers will be 7 innings). Fall season games will be 7 innings with a 2 1/2 hour time limit. In the Spring season the post season is a three game series for playoffs and championships. Fall season is a single elimination playoffs and championships.

Congratulations on making the choice to come back to the real game again.  America’s Game of baseball.

If you have not registered on the player pool yet…get started! Go to www.dfw-aba.com and don’t be left on the bench!

After all, nobody ever grew up collecting softball cards when they were kids! A new chapter in your life is about to begin.

Local League Information
League: DFW-ABA
Web Address: www.dfw-aba.com
President: JD Magee
Email: dfwaba@gmail.com

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